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Getting Started With Electronics-Electronic School

Getting Started With Electronics:-

So, if you are reading this, you are probably a BEGINNER looking for 
How To Get Started With Electronics....

So Here we will look for The Three Things.....

1) Getting started with Electronics
2) How to Learn and Grow
3) How Far you can go? Is there any limits?

So Let's get Started...

1) Getting Started with Electronics:- We live in a high tech world where we are surrounded by bunch of electronic products like Drone, Robot, T.V., Washing Machine, Helicopter, Fan, A.C., etc and to make them we need to understand the science, the electronic components behind them...

For an Example take a Robot-if you want to learn how to make a Robot you need to learn its Basic things, you need to start from scratch....

2) How to learn and grow:- Here is your Guide-

  1.     Step 1: Get An Overview Of The Basics....
  2.     Step 2: Start Building Circuits....
  3.     Step 3: Get an understanding of micro controllers. ...
  4.     Step 4: Start a project you are passionate about.... 

Now i'm gonna make you Understand all the steps above here..

Step 1:- Get An Overview Of The Basics...

1) Know what is IC (Integrated Circuit)- IC is the brain of any circuit...

It is a small size computer which is pre-programmed to do some particular tasks...
It is now found in almost any Electronic Devices...

Learn Full about IC in Two minute Video:-

2) Step 2:- Start Making Circuits:- Yes, The 'MOST IMPORTANT THING' to do is to Start Making Circuits...

Battery Level Indicator

As many of you thinking why they should start making circuits So let me tell you why you should:-

A) You will learn Every small detail regarding to any circuits

B) By the Time, You will start making your own circuits..

C) You will Get to Know each and every new Thing regarding to Electronics Elements...

Some things to LEARN earlier...

1) Know the difference between Zero PCB and Bread Board -

2) Learn How to Solder-

3) Learn How to Make the most Basic circuit-

4) Learn How to work on Bread Board-

3) Step 3: Get an understanding of micro controllers- 

A single-board microcontroller is a microcontroller built onto a single printed circuit board

This board provides all of the circuitry necessary for a useful control task: a microprocessor, I/O circuits, a clock generator, RAM, stored program memory and any necessary support ICs.

By arduino from here:-

So take an example of arduino- Arduino is mostly use to make Robots or any electronic Product. It is Manually Program to do some several tasks..
For Example-
Arduino Car

Gesture Controlled Robot


4) Step 4: Start a project you are passionate about- All you gotta do is to take an initial step towards basics of electronics to build your knowledge and grow and learn to make something new...

Get Arduino Starter KIT-

3) Now last thing to look for 'HOW FAR WE CAN GO'- Without a doubt i just want to tell you there is now a no limit for electronics..

We have reached from Motor to Drone to now GOOGLE EYE.

Google has patented a new technology that would let the company inject a computerized lens directly into your eyeball.

The company has been developing smart glasses and even smart contact lenses for years. But Google's newest patented technology would go even further -- and deeper.

In its patent application, which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office approved last week, Google says it could remove the lens of your eye, inject fluid into your empty lens capsule and then place an electronic lens in the fluid.

Once equipped with your cyborg lenses, you would never need glasses or contacts again. In fact, you might not even need a telescope or a microscope again. 

And who needs a camera when your eyes can capture photos and videos?

The artificial, computerized lenses could automatically adjust to help you see objects at a distance or very close by. 

The lenses could be powered by the movement of your eyeball, and they could even connect to a nearby wireless device.

So now what are you waiting for..

Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel to learn to make circuits very easily

Go and start now making your own electronic circuits and devices...


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