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Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car using Arduino Step by Step guide|| How to make Smartphone Bluetooth Control Car

Arduino Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car Step by Step guide|| Arduino Bluetooth Car

Introduction:- In this artical, you will learn How to make Smartphone Bluetooth Control Car. We will use Arduino, Hc05 and other components.

You can Buy them from the link given in front of them.

Working:- When arduino is interfaced with Bluetooth module Hc05, the Hc05 starts working.
Then it is connected to a app 'Bluetooth spp pro', from where we can run our rc car.
So if you want to make this Project, You Need the following Components

1) Arduino uno.  Buy :-     Arduino uno with Cable
2) Hc05 module.        :-       Buy From Here 3) Bread Board.         :-       Buy From Here 4) L293d/L298 motor driver.:-  Buy From Here 5) DC Motors.:-                  Buy From Here 6) Wheels:-                         Buy From Here 7) Chessy:-                         Buy From Here 8) Jumper wires.:-              Buy From Here 9) Wires:-                           Buy From Here  10) 9v battery:-Buy From Here
11) Battery Connect…

How to make Object Detecting Sensor using IC LM358 Step by Step Guide|| IR Sensor|| IR Proximity Sensor Circuit

How to make Proximity Sensor using IC LM358 Step by Step Guide|| IR Object Detecting Sensor Circuit

In this Artical you will learn the full basic guide to makeObject Detecting Sensor/ IR Sensor Circuit for Obstacle Detection Project.

So lets get started...

Introduction:- The circuit we are going to make is Object Detecting Sensor. In this circuit, we will use IC LM358. This IC is the heart of this circuit.
Also we will use Buzzer, resistors, LED and other type of component listed below. You can buy from given link in front of them.

Working:- This circuit is use to detect/alarm/sense when ever any object or a person comes in range of IR Sensor.This project can be used for security purpose.

Circuit Diagram:-

 So if you want to make this Project, You Need the following         Components

1) IC LM358 and its base:- Buylm358 and its Base
 2)  Buzzer:-                         Buy Buzzer
 3) LED:-                             Buy LED
 4) Resistors:- 220 ohm, 10k ohm, 100 ohm Buy Pack
 5) Variable Resisto…