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IOT Internet Of Things- Every Thing You Need To Know About Internet Of Things

IOT- Every Thing You Need To Know About Internet Of Things:-

Technology have grown up so much high from what we have expected our future in past decade.
From doing thing manually to now doing thing by sitting on you couch, we have evolved.

Therefore something new also has evolved from past years and that term is knows as "IOT-Internet of Things".

The term itself defines what is IOT.

But here is the simple definition:- To control anything fromanywhere, regardless of your surroundings like 'chair, fan, t.v., lights etc, to something which is far away from you using internet is known as Internet of Things.


To connect a physical thing like fan and lights to internet, and running/starting them using your mobile device is known as IOT-Internet of Things.

Sounds strange right? But yes that is what we achieved.

Now lets look at how it is done:-

The best example of IOT is "Home Automation".
Home Automation is the term in …