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IOT Internet Of Things- Every Thing You Need To Know About Internet Of Things

IOT- Every Thing You Need To Know About Internet Of Things:-  

Technology have grown up so much high from what we have expected our future in past decade.
From doing thing manually to now doing thing by sitting on you couch, we have evolved.

Therefore something new also has evolved from past years and that term is knows as "IOT-Internet of Things".

The term itself defines what is IOT.

But here is the simple definition:- To control anything from anywhere, regardless of your surroundings like 'chair, fan, t.v., lights etc, to something which is far away from you using internet is known as Internet of Things.


To connect a physical thing like fan and lights to internet, and running/starting them using your mobile device is known as IOT-Internet of Things.

Sounds strange right? But yes that is what we achieved.

Now lets look at how it is done:-


The best example of IOT is "Home Automation".

Home Automation is the term in which you connect the appliances like a i said earlier 'lights, fans, t.v. etc to your mobile and its internet and run them through your mobile,

This was the example of IOT in your surroundings. 

Let me make you understand how you can control things that are miles away from you.

1) Suppose you are traveling anywhere and suddenly you remember that 'oh i forgot to switch off the lights'.

2) You take off your phone and just pressed a button using any IOT based app.

3) That signal will go in cloud server as we know the term cloud computing and then it goes to the IOT device from which your room lights are connected. 

4) And then miles away the lights in your home will be switched off.

That is how the Internet of things works.

Other Applications using IOT:-

2) Connected Cars:-

The upcoming autos will have:- 

1) Internet get to:- This autos will have web get to and can be controlled by your voice. 

Tesla and other significant organizations is at present taking a shot at this undertaking and soon this idea will be genuine in our life. 

2) Traffic witness:- Cars now right now have this sort of offers to give clients, however the vast majority of them isn't so precise, soon by enhancing this task, one of our real day by day life issue would be understood. 

An associated auto is a vehicle which can streamline it's own particular task, support and also solace of travelers utilizing installed sensors and web availability.

3) Smart Cities:-


Smart city is another capable use of IOT producing interest among total populace. Brilliant observation, computerized transportation, more quick witted vitality administration frameworks, water conveyance, urban security and natural checking all are cases of web of things applications for savvy urban communities. 

As appeared in this picture, different sensors will be utilized to spare vitality and to give more yield. 

IOT will take care of real issues looked by the general population living in urban areas like contamination, activity blockage and deficiency of vitality supplies and so on. 

By introducing sensors and utilizing web applications, natives can discover free accessible stopping spaces over the city. 

Additionally, the sensors can distinguish meter altering issues, general breakdowns and any establishment issues in the power framework. 

4)  IOT in agriculture:-





IOT Agriculture would be an effect full advance towards development of Farmers and Fields. 

IOT in horticulture incorporate:- 

1) Drones to screen:- Agricultural automatons. Horticultural automatons are rambles connected to cultivating with a specific end goal to enable increment to edit generation and screen trim development. 

Using propelled sensors and advanced imaging capacities, agriculturists can utilize these automatons to enable them to assemble a wealthier photo of their fields. 

2) Soil moister sensor:- To educate ranchers that the moister in soil is less and necessities to keep up once more, this innovation is utilized. 

3) Water Management:- Proper water administration should be possible with only one touch of your cell phone. 

4) Machines to work:- Even machines can be controlled by utilizing this system. 

Governments are helping ranchers to utilize propelled systems and research to expand nourishment generation. Shrewd cultivating is one of the quickest developing field in IOT. 

5) IOT in Healthcare:-



The idea of associated human services framework and brilliant restorative gadgets bears tremendous potential for organizations, as well as for the prosperity of individuals by and large. 

Research indicates IoT in human services will be huge in coming years. IoT in medicinal services is gone for engaging individuals to live more advantageous life by wearing associated gadgets. 

The gathered information will help in customized examination of a person's wellbeing and give tailor made techniques to battle disease.

so that was all about IOT:- Every Thing You Need To Know About Internet Of Things from my side.

If you have any queries or any problem then comment down below.

Also please let me know what you think about IOT by comment down below.


  1. IoT is everywhere it solve our massive problems in few minutes. I appreciates the writer for posting article on this platform. I would like to share it with team.


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